Texas Holdem Poker Rules - Rules For Winning In Texas Holdem

I advise you - spend some time playing heads up with a guy and just watch his bet size. After a while, it will become clear what types of hands he raises pre-flop and to what amount of chips. Most people raise three times the big blinds with any playable hand, yet sometimes they raise four big blinds. Why do they do that? What happened? Now usually they've got a hand that is not so playable, like, AK or AQ or QQ. The decision to raise slightly higher amount of chips than usual, is made subconsciously for most people.

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There are some finer points to the game, like what happens when both player and dealer reach 21, and when the dealer is required to "stand" and required to take another card, but the basic goal is to beat the dealer in getting closest to 21 without going over.

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If you generally plan to take 6-12months at 40 hours a week you will become an extremely good agen qq pro. So if you only have 20 hours a week it will take you 1-2 years.

Whether you've folded or you're still in the hand, don't do it. Most of the time when this rule is broken it is when someone has folded before the flop and would have made a great hand once the flop has come out. This is HIGHLY frowned upon online. In most real life scenarios, this will get you kicked off of that table and possibly even kicked out of the establishment. This is obviously because players who are still in the hand can benefit by knowing what you have or have folded.

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